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   A rare opportunity to experience Happiness by defining the Balance of Selfless  Service and Selfcare. A great cause to trek & help earthquake victims in Langtang    ( a purpose) and in the process nourish your Body/Mind/soul at a Yoga retreat in Pokhara,Nepal
    On this trip you will also get to experience & participate in this unique celebration of Nepalese culture known as Tihar or Diwali- Festival of Lights where all Nepalese will be celebrating the festival for 5days: 1st- Crow day (Kag puja) / 2nd- Dog day (Kukur puja) 3rd-Goddess Laxmi (Laxmi puja) / 4th- Selfbless day (Mha puja) & 5th-Brother's day (Bhai tika)
   Join us to learn how to wrap a sari a traditional wear & take a class on how to cook a most favorite & popular dish in Nepal -Momo! Last but not the least for fun & excitment you are going to experience River rafting-Nepal,comes in world's 10 best countries for river rafting.
  Come join us on a once in a life time experience and more!!!

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